Monday, February 18, 2013

A Sunday Afternoon Walk

Sunday morning and early afternoon we had a wonderful time of family Bible study and discussion.  Dad talked about the 5 Warnings/Dangers in Hebrews, and we all studied with him throughout the entire book, including the famous faith chapter, chapter 11.  If you'd like, you can click here and read about the five warnings/dangers in Hebrews on Dad's blog. 

After that we ate a delicious lunch, and then all of us kids (minus Joel) went on a lovely walk at the nearby park.  We did some exploring along the way, and even sang a few songs inside a tunnel bridge under a road.  That was fun!  The weather was glorious, so it was a perfect afternoon!

We walk to the park
What a motley group we are, right?!

Yours truly

We had lots of fun skipping rocks across the water!

And Johanna had fun finding closed clam shells.

Of course, Johanna had to take some sibling photos, so we obliged her. :)

Not quite sure what was happening here...

Now that's a good one!

Jaden decided it would be more fun to hang from the tree instead of sit on it.

Don't look so serious, guys! ;)

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