Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Life Lately

A few days ago, our dear friends the G.'s came over. :) Phoebe, Jaden and I were especially thrilled because we got to watch their two little ones-- Tristan (5) and Lizzy (almost 2). They loved running around in our backyard and they did it for a couple of hours. :D

Lizzy-dear <3 br="br">

 Tristan and Jaden playing with Hotwheels.

"Look at Auntie Jo!" :)


My favorite of Miss Lizzy :)

The leaves in the backyard

The leaves in the frontyard

Lizzy and Phoebe <3 br="br">

Aw.... :)

This photo was taken a different day, a few weeks ago (after home church). -- With my brother Caleb. :)

This was also taken several weeks ago, right before home church. :) 
This past Saturday, I helped Abby with her babysitting job. We were in charge of two very energetic boys (ages 5 and 3) for 8 hours, so I was pretty worn out! I am with the younger boy, Noah, in the photo. :)

This is another photo from several weeks back-- the meal after Bible study and singing. :) L-R: Luke and David P., Phoebe, Mark and Jordan P., yours-truly and Abby. Fore-ground: Adam P. :)

Lately, all of us kids (except Caleb) have enjoyed several bike rides on the local Campion Trails. It has been a lot of fun! So far, I think we have biked 27 miles or so (over three days time). :)

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