Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tornados in Texas

Just so you'll know, we came thru the storms this afternoon unscathed.  Joel & Caleb in Plano at HerbMart.  (This will be a memorable last day of employment there for Caleb!)  Abby babysitting for Heidi in Frisco.  David & Jaden picked Phoebe up from her sitting job near downtown McKinney.  Johanna & I at the house.  All of us safe.

Called Mom (Faye) Kautt.  She subbed at a local high school today.  There were 2,000 students in the hallway waiting out the storm.  Bet that was interesting!  She made it home and is safe.

Called Denton, talked with Rowena.  They had bad weather, but are all okay.

Mayor of Arlington has declared a state of disaster.  Saw images of there and Burleson...semi trucks tossed about like they were Jaden's Matchbox cars, shingles and roofs ripped off houses, fences down.  At least 3 tornadoes sighted on the ground.  A sobering day.

Praise the Lord for protecting us this time from harm!  His mercy endures forever!  And if He had seen fit to allow us to suffer damage, He would still have been a good God.  His ways are higher than ours.  Please join us in praying that He will strengthen and comfort those who sustained damage and loss, that He will use this to win souls to Himself, and to refine His children, all to His glory and honor, and to their good (Rom 8:28).

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