Friday, April 27, 2012

Birthday party

This past Saturday, all of us (except Dad and Joel) went to a friend's birthday party. It was so much fun!!! we played volley-ball, "wally ball", Ultimate Frisbee, ate and made new friends. :)

"Wally ball"

L-R: Abigail H., Rachel D., Mark H., Jared C., Kayla W., Mary Bethany W., Mrs. P., Sarah H. and Andrew H.

Sara P. gets ready to hit a nice volley. L-R: Bethany D., Katherine H., Ruthie H., Sara P., Brittany C., Daniel H. and Jared C.

Four lovely moms: Mrs. W., Mrs. P. (the birthday girl =D), Mrs. C., and Mom

Some of the guys talking. L-R: Jordan C., Mr. C., David P., Samuel and H.

Fore-ground, Andrew H. background, Ruthie and Mark H.

 Jaden, with Michael D., and Kyle playing with Frisbees

 Phoebe, learning how to drive my Caleb's truck. Scary... ;)

Jaden, at the end of another fun and eventful day! Love ya, bubby! :)

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