Monday, January 2, 2012

English Country Ball

Our family recently got to attend the English Country Ball. :) It was SO much fun! We got to visit with friends, eat, dance and take photos.

 "The Virginia Reel"

Jaden was my partner for "The Virginia Reel"

the press thought that they needed to take photos of Jaden and I. By the way, my over-skirt is made from curtains. :) 

Jared C.

most of the P. family

Brittany C.

Sara P. and Brittany C.

Jadon C. and Jaden


Brooke G., Brittany C., Caroline A.

the A. siblings: Allison, Caroline and Clay


Marjo.....B. said...

How fun! It looks like a lovely evening. I'm glad we both enjoy dancing. Your dress is very pretty, Johanna!

The Kautts said...


It was SO fun! :) Thanks for the compliment on my dress. My friend made the actual dress, but my mom and I made the over skirt. :)