Saturday, October 8, 2011

ECD Practice - October 2011

There are Abby and Jaden on the far left. Jaden really got into the dancing and didn't want to go home-- that kind of surprised me! ;)
Abby (the girl in the blue shirt) dancing with Hannah K.

What fun!

Hannah K. and I dancing


Marjo.....B. said...

Dancing! So fun to do with friends . :) Do you have a favorite dance? We best of all for now love ''Hull's Victory'', and ''Lancer's Quadrilles'' as well as the Virginia Reel of course!

The Kautts said...

Hello Marjo,

Thanks for commenting!

Yes, dancing is SO much fun to do with friends. I really don't remember the names of the dances, but I liked the one in photos 4 and 6. I think I have done the Virginia Reel-- that was six years ago. But it was fun. :)


Savories of Life said...

Like my sister said dancing is fun!! Are you taking lessons because you go to a christmas ball? we will go to our homeschoolers christmas ball but were unable to take the fall lessons but we took the Spring ones. Look up dance on my blog and you can see some clips from our lessons.
Have a great time!!

The Kautts said...

We are taking lessons just for funzies. But there will be a ball in January. I'm sure any of us will go to that. :(

Thanks for commenting, Valerie!