Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wedding Memories

We've been clutter-busting at our house.  Several weeks ago, I went through our massive collection of sheet music and music books, culling what was no longer of use.  I had put the items in a stack in my bedroom until I could find someone to pass them on to.  On Monday, August 1st (our 30th wedding anniversary), I carried the stack to put in the give-away box out in the garage.  The obviously-not-yet-dead* dumpster-diver pack-rat in me influenced me to take a quick peek through the stack.  And I'm glad I did.  For some reason a pad of blank music notation staff paper was in the pile.  Shouldn't have been.  I use that stuff regularly!  And in the same folder were pages that I had pulled from music books - songs that I DID want to keep.  Don't know how that stuff came to be with the give-aways.

The amazing thing was that one of the songs was "Unto the Author of Love," the song that David and I sang to each other at our wedding.  That I should find the very song we sang on the very day of our 30th wedding anniversary felt like a little gift from the Lord.  I called David in and we sang it together again!  Happy memories!

Thank you, Lord for my dear husband, and for "serendipitous" finds!

*(I'm diligently working on slaying that rat.)

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