Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Visit from Poppy and Grams

This past Saturday night, Mom's parents, Ron and Anna (a.k.a Poppy and Grams) came to our house after a seminar they attended. They left this afternoon, but we think it wasn't long enough! :) Sure, we had tons of dishes to do, but hey, we had fun and we love Poppy and Grams!! I'm posting some photos taken during their stay here. Enjoy!

Sunday lunch,  which was.....

....Hamburgers (from the Local Yocal) and green beans

Grams says, "These hamburgers are real good!"

Caleb about to attack his hamburger

I am enjoying some carrot sticks :)


Jaden tried on Dad's shoes, which (of course) were too big for him! :)

Play Bibleopoly


Jaden-bug, setting the table

Last night we had pizza for supper. Mmm.... :)


Photogenic Poppy

Family photo taken this afternoon

Grams being silly

Most of the crew

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