Monday, August 29, 2011


Lately we've been having a lot of company over. But it's been so much fun! =)
On the 21st we had the G. family over and we had homemade pizza. Then yesterday we had the O. family over at lunch and we made Italian vegetable casserole for that. Can you tell that our family loves Italian food?!

Visiting with Mr. and Mrs. G and Maddie

That is the G's nephew, Alex in the striped shirt in the background

Mrs. G. and Maddie <3

Junior G. and Jaden enjoying ice-cream

Catalina and Angelina O.

Sweet sisterhood

Angel -- very aptly named <3

Abby reads to the O. sisters - Catalina, Marcelina and Angelina

Abby had to move to a bigger chair, because the "audience" grew.

Lukas O. being silly

Alden's Ice-cream

The sweet and fun O. siblings. L-R: Naftali, Marcelina, Angelina, Catalina and Lukas
Y'all come back and see us, ya hear? =)


Anonymous said...

Wow looks like Ya'll had a lot of FUN!


The Kautts said...

Dear Bekah,

We did! :) Y'all are on a trip right now? Or are you back?

Miss you,
Jo <3