Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ladies Conference

On Friday (June 10th) and Saturday (June 11th), my sisters, Mom and I attended a ladies conference hosted by the Dr. Jobe Martin family. Abby, Phoebe and I filmed the sessions. It was such a blessing to have such fellowship with so many like-minded people, and I made several new friends! :) I also met a girl who shares my name-- says and spells her name the same way as I do! :) It was too bad, but I didn't think to get a photo with her.


The N. family singing

Book, books, and more books! :)

Mrs. Jennifer Neef giving a talk

The film crew. Background (L-R): Jonathan B. and David, Benjamin B., Josiah D. Foreground: Phoebe, and Elisabeth M.

The "Nest" :) Can you see someone filming, a-way in the background? Yup, that's me! :)

The B. siblings (minus three little sisters). Back: Benjamin and Jonathan. Front (L-R): Rebekah, Elisabeth and Kathleen.

The C. sisters-- Back: Bethany and Katie. Front: Susanna and Lydia.

Teaching the song "Alleluia, Alleluia"

Singing "I am Resolved"

Sarah and Grace Mally giving a presentation

Maddie and Mrs. C. had a photography room at the conference. We girls and Mom got  our picture taken in there and they printed it for us. :)

Paul, Melissa and Josiah D. singing "The Power of the Cross"


New friends: Me (Johanna) and Bethany C.

The Y. ladies: Kristin, Mrs. and Jennifer

Abby holding darling Lovella "Ella" C. :)

Preparing to clean-up

Eating pizza

Cleaning up

Some of the Moms-- visiting after the long and full day


Ali Holmes said...

Was this a Bright Lights conference?


The Kautts said...

Hey Ali,

Thanks for commenting!

No, this was not a Bright Lights conference. The Mally sisters were just some of the speakers at a conference some friends (the Dr. Jobe Martin family) had.


Anonymous said...


It looks like ya'll had a wonderful time!
It's neat that ya'll filmed the sessions. Thank you for sharing all the photos!

Hope you have a blessed week!


The Kautts said...

Dear Rebekah,

Thanks for commenting! :)

We really did have a wonderful time. It was fun filming the sessions, taking photos and visiting with other attendees.

Johanna "Jo"

Gallagators said...

Hi there! I came across your blog on Esther H's. I see we know a lot of the same people, too! In fact, we go to RBC! When I saw your last name, it seemed very familiar to me. Did your family happen to bring a basket of goodies to us when our baby son was in the hospital in McKinney, back in 2005?
Anyway, It was fun to come across your blog! Blessings!
~Hope Gallagher

The Kautts said...

Hello Mrs. Gallagher,

Thanks for commenting!

I saw your parents at the Wahlquists Christmas sing along (in 2008) but at that time didn't realize who it was.

Really? You go to RBC? Were you at the conference?

I don't remember taking you food, but we live in McKinney. I'll ask my Mom! :)

We do have several mutual friends-- the Cronins, the Hales, and some of the people who go to RBC. :) I'm sure we have other mutual friends too!

In Christ,

Gallagators said...

No, I wasn't at the conference. Maybe next time!
Do you know the Casons?

The Kautts said...

I see.

No, we don't know the Casons. But I've heard my friend Elisha Wahlquist mention them several times-- Claire was/is her violin teacher.