Monday, May 23, 2011

Recent Happenings - Friends, Cute Houses and a Retirement Party

New friends: Paul and Melissa D.

A cottage-style house. Don't you just love it?! :)

Another cottage-style house

A beautiful mural in downtown Rockwall
On the 21st, my family and I went to Tyler to visit family. But it was mainly because Mom's Dad (Grandpa "Poppy" Russell) is retiring from his job at a Christian highschool. In this photo, we are about to start on the scavenger hunt that Mom made about Poppy's work history.

First clues

Decorations in the bus we took for the scavenger hunt. This sign says, "Senior moment in progress". Ha! :)

Poppy-- the thinker

First person to be picked up with a clue-- Uncle Abe

One of the other stops was Andy's Frozen Custard parlor

Cousin Nick with another clue

Mom-- with yet another clue

Atwoods was also one of the stops in the scavenger hunt. We picked up Aunt Jill and Jaden there, along with...

...this little chickie :)

Cousins Lexi and Bayle were at another stop with Joel

A clue

Lexi reads a clue aloud to Poppy

Cousin Taylor was picked up at the truck-stop

And Mr. Mike C. was picked up at Brookshire's

At Brookshire's we had to get out of the bus to find the next clue and person...

...and this is who and what we found

Next clue

Great Aunt Peggy also had a clue for us to pick up

As did Aunt Jennifer. Her signs says, "Retired. Will work for food." Ha!

Phoebe, capturing Poppy's reaction when we arrived at the fancy restaurant-- the Villa Montez (pronounced Via Mon-tez).

Going into the Villa Montez



The chicken dish

The shrimp dish, which Abby and I had, was SO good! :)

The beef dish

Mom's special dish with guacamole and all

The surprise ride to the last of the day


This was the last of the day (the 20th). A surprise party! :)

The food line

Great Aunt Catherine (Poppy's younger sister) made this cake for "Bubby" (a.k.a Poppy, Gramps, Grandpa Russell).



Cute Logan and his Mom

Mr. Mike Duggar and Phoebe talking. Mr. Duggar is Jim-Bob Duggar's Uncle.

Jaden enjoys playing with the baby chick. Poppy let him keep the chick and we have been having fun taking care of it. We had a GREAT and hectic trip -- wait? Can you have both?!. 


Allison said...

What fun!! =)

The Kautts said...

Agreed! ;)


Savories of Life said...

Looks like a lot of fun!

Thank the Lord we are well and safe. We had rain today but nothing else.

I hope you are ok.

The Kautts said...

Hello Valerie,

Thanks for commenting!

Yes, my Grandpa's party and events were SO much fun! :)

I am glad to hear that you are safe from the terrible storms. We are fine, and even though we had at least one tornado come past where we live, we had no damage (except our onion plants a *bit* damaged). It was all windy and green outside.

Thank *you* for your concern!!