Monday, April 18, 2011

Busy, busy, busy...

We have been extremely busy lately, I have fallen down on blogging.  I am finally getting around to blogging about the things that have been keeping us busy the past few weeks.  I'll do it in the form of pictures (tons of pictures, beware!), with some captioning.  =)  Enjoy!

Aunt Naomi & Uncle Jim were in the US for about 3 weeks during the end of March.  We had a good time of visiting while they were here. 

We took these photos out in front of Grandma's house, right before Abby & I left with Grandma, Great-Grandma, Uncle Jim & Aunt Naomi left for Arkansas. 


More Art

Looking at the menu

Aunt Naomi's lime-shrimp tacos.  Delicious!

Cracker Barrel

More food choices...

Aunt Naomi plays the famous peg game at Cracker Barrel.

Yep, I had to try it, too! 

We had the opportunity twice to have dinner with our Arkansas family.  It was a good time. 


Abby's salad.

My salad (I think it was better than Abby's!!) =)

Vinegar and olive oil: a perfect salad dressing.

Great-Grandma's Bridal Wreath bush was just gorgeous! 

Her red bud tree was also beautiful.


Blue, green and white.

Uncle Paul fixed Great-Grandma's light switch in the kitchen.  It works very well now!! 

Uncle Jim had the opportunity to present two messages to the folks at Wiener Christian Church.  He did a great job!

Caleb has been working so hard on our garden the past few weeks, and we've been able to harvest a few things, including some green onions.  There's nothing quite like fresh garden produce! 

On Friday night we had an enjoyable evening with Billy & Cindy P. and their two kids, Cody & Hannah.  Some of the stories they told us were hilarious, especially about their camping adventures! 

Listening intently. 

Mr. P. is a good story teller. 

Of course, we had to show them some pictures from our several Colorado trips.  We gladly gave them many tips, when they asked us about going to Colorado for summer vacation.  We highly recommend it!!

Mrs. P. & Hannah made a delicious chocolate cake for dessert. 

Cody & Hannah

We had left overs from Friday night for Saturday's dinner.  They were just as good as they were on Friday, if not better.  =)  Tostadas: one of our favorite meals. 

Joel has been doing a lot of work on his suburban, and trying to sell it, all at the same time.  Anyone know someone who needs a 8 passenger, diesel suburban?  Check it out here.

Abby made a delicious, gourmet salad for lunch this afternoon.  Unfortunately, only the green onions and lemon balm leaves were from our garden. 

Food art


The finished product: a delicious salad for lunch. 
 Well, maybe we'll keep up the blog a bit better, but I wouldn't guarantee it.  It seems like life just keeps getting busier, and busier.  We'll see... 

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