Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Congratulations Joel!!

Recently our brother Joel received wonderful news concerning his college capstone project.  Joel's project (all 40 pages) was on the role of Christianity in Nazi Germany.   

 His professor had some very nice things to say about his paper: 

"This is a highly professional document that is worthy of publication. I look forward to seeing it as a documentary."

His professor mentioned that Joel's capstone is worthy of being published as a book, and she would like to see a portion of his paper printed in a history magazine!!! 

We are so grateful that the Lord graciously allowed Joel this opportunity to pursue his education, and how He guided Joel each step of the way along this path. 

1.  Topic Choice
(Exceptional) Project is especially well-chosen, has significant need; provides strong questions to be answered; explains detailed delimitation; comprehensive definitions of terms; level of treatment.
2.  Topic Description Research
Exceptional) Through literature review, describes topic extensively; reader grasps immediately the purpose of the project through documented research in the field; referenced material is well developed to provide validation for importance of the study or project.
3.  Research Methodology
(Exceptional) Research plan is clearly and comprehensively described; steps are delineated to provide a replication of the research necessary to answer all sub questions.
4.  Organization of Study, Research, Conclusions
(Exceptional) Artifacts of the writer`s study are well-chosen and effectively presented; study sub questions are clearly and comprehensively answered based on the writer`s research strategies; ideas clearly and logically arranged; results of study flow smoothly and are effectively linked; reader can clearly follow discussion and conclusions based on results.
5.  Writing Mechanics Research
(Exceptional) Writing demonstrates a sophisticated clarity, conciseness, and correctness: has significant references and citations to reflect comprehensive research.
6.  Citation Format General
(Exceptional) Uses reference and citation format accurately and consistently.
Grade: 100 

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Jeff Richard Young said...

Dear Joel,

What an accomplishment---congratulations!

Love in Christ,

Jeff Young