Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Random Photos

Playing baseball

Me and my birthday presents (uh, Joel is not one of them)

Some bookmarks that I made

Abby and Caleb doing garden work. You can see more photos of our garden here.
Valentine's day photo shoot (photo credit: Johanna Kautt)

Literary centerpiece
Christian Worldview Outreach meeting

Chocolate chip cookies! Mmmm....
Photo credit: Johanna Kautt

Raindrops on roses...
Yellow tulips-- a Valentine's Day present from Caleb

Ultimate Frisbee group. L-R back row: Isaac D., Joseph S., Daniel D., Mark, Andrew D. L-R front row: Phoebe, Abby and Jaden, yours-truly, Joel, and James S. Click here for more photos.

An experiment that Jaden and I did. :)
Violet teacup


Amy Young said...

I recognize those bookmarks! They are so lovely. The one you gave me is resting inside a book right now, doing its job very well.
I really like your photography, Johanna. Allison loves taking photos, too. Sometimes she spritzes roses with a spray bottle to get that cool dewdrop effect.

The Kautts said...

Dear Amy,

Yes, I can see why you would recognize the bookmarks! :)

Thank you for the compliments regarding my photography. I enjoy doing it and try to do my best. I must admit that I sprayed the roses with the water bottle! :P

I hope we can see you very soon!