Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pictures From the Past

Grandpa and Grandma Kautt with Jaden



The Kautt family. L-R: Phoebe, Dad and yours-truly, Mom, Jaden and Abby, Caleb and Joel.

Abby and Jaden

Jaden-- caught with his hand in the cookie jar :)



Me and my "cousins": Hyoto and Ayaka.

Mom and Mrs. W.

A winter's walk with an Aunt and cousins

Singing 4-part harmony for the 2009 "Mother/Daughter Banquet" at our church


Aw... this is such a darling photo! :)

Jaden turns 5. I LOVE this photo too, just sayin'!

"Bible Scattergories" with cousins

Being goofy

One last photo with 'Uncle' Larry before he moved. Can you tell Jaden is sad?!

Being silly

Pure cuteness!


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