Thursday, February 3, 2011


On the first day of February, a frigid ice-storm from Canada directed its nastiness towards the residents of mid-western and southern states, dumping several inches of snow and ice in its wake.  Here in north Texas, ice layers the ground, and freezes the air.

The frozen gardens
Currently, it feels like 6 F. and that's windchill only.  In real degrees it's about 16 F.

Frozen ground
Some people are using the phrase "super storm 2011" as if this is going to be the last bad / cold weather we're going to receive this winter!   I kinda doubt if this is the last of the harsh winter weather.  We usually have at least a couple of bad spells in February, and then at least one in March, which is usually a very windy month.

Phoebe 'skates' on the icy alley

Looking down the alley

Icy all around
And what's with all of the hype surrounding 2010 being the "hottest year on record, since 1998"?   I think this has been one of the coldest, meanest winters I can remember, and last winter it snowed 5 times.  I mean snowed.

I just hope that wherever you are, that you are blessed with warmth and a roof over your heads!  God help and protect those who are homeless and without shelter at this frigid time of year. 


Amy Young said...

It was a cold and interesting experience, all right. I've never been literally snowed in before. We all got a touch of cabin fever. Especially Abby. Several times during the week she said, and I paraphrase, "I am just going to shrivel away to nothing. I haven't seen ANYBODY all week (except my own family)." Good times.

The Kautts said...

Haha! I totally know the feeling Abby. :) When one is an active body, it is harder to cope with being indoors more than usual.

I enjoyed the snow from my window, and tramping in it once or twice was enjoyable, but oh so frigid!

It was nice seeing you Amy on Saturday. Sorry we didn't really have a chance to chat.