Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bryan Trip - part 1

On Tuesday Dad and us three girls, went with Grandma Kautt and Great-Grandma McKnight down to Bryan, for a day trip to visit our family and do some sight-seeing.   We took a lot of photos, but I'm only going to post 63 of them! =)   So, here it goes...

We're definitely in Aggie's territory! 
When we got to Bryan it was around lunch time, so we headed to Rosa's Cafe to eat lunch.

Aunt C and Grandma talking outside of Rosa's while we were waiting for the rest of the family.

Mmmmm.  A taco plate - delicious! 

Grandma McKnight couldn't believe how much was her's!  But, she ate almost all of it. =)

Kaye (center) is Dad's first cousin, so Macie & Katie (left and right) are our second cousins.

This is a church that Grandpa Kautt preached at several years ago.

Central Christian Church (Bryan) used to be located in this building.

Kyle Field from afar.

Since we were so close, Grandma wanted us to visit the George (H.W.) Bush Presidential Library. 

The pansies in front were beautiful!

These horses are trampling over part of the Berlin Wall. 

They are supposed to signify freedom.

The sign in front of the horses - "The Day the Wall Came Down".

"Free, free, set them free."

During Christmas time you will see this gigantic Christmas tree when you walk in the door.

When you walk in, to the right this model of George Bush parachuting.

Gazing at the Christmas tree.

One of the many paintings of President Bush.

And one of First Lady Barbara Bush.

The Presidential Limousine sits in the museum.  

George Bush was a fighter pilot in WWII.  They have his plane hanging in the museum.  Pretty neat.

Grandma (in the background), Me & Grandma McKnight looking at the many displays throughout the museum. 

I thought this was pretty neat - his old glove from his baseball days at Yale.

The Bush family car from the 1950s. 

Aunt C looks around.

The 'Oval Office'.

Thanks to Abby for all of the great photos in the museum!

This is more of a current photo of [former] President George Bush, and First Lady Barbara.

Hurry -  they're closing!!
Walking out...
Abby outside the Library.

Leaving the Library as the sun sets. 

More photos are coming, so stay tuned! 

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