Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Carson is Missing

This is Julia.

That cat!

We haven't seen Carson, the cat that owns us, since Saturday night. Our back door neighbor feeds him, but he is a very social kitty, and because we're home all day most days and usually have the garage door up, he "hangs out" at our place. We play with him a lot.

This afternoon I called our back-door neighbor to find out if she's seen Carson. She had noticed that he wasn't around since Saturday evening. She even called the animal shelter yesterday, but he was not there.

Johanna said she saw him fighting with another cat Saturday afternoon.... and there are some really big hawks around here.... I won't go there!

We sure miss him. When we have the windows open, like today, he would normally figure out which room we were in and jump up in the window and meow at us to come play. He hasn't been waiting at the back door for us the last 3 mornings. Sigh.

I don't like cats. I'm allergic to them. But Carson has stolen my heart. He's such a sweet, gentle, friendly kitten. He's the only cat I've ever loved. If he's gone for good, well, I think I just might cry.

Carson, come home.


Miss Linda said...

No! That is terrible! I did so enjoy the recent post that showed such sweet pictures of your beautiful cat. I hope he has just gone on a little Thanksgiving vacation and will come back soon.

Abby said...

Hannah showed me pictures of her cat sophie, and they reminded me of Carson. I really miss him, poor boy. :(