Friday, October 8, 2010

Update on Grandpa

As of this morning, Grandpa is running a fever of 101 and still dealing with breathing, blood pressure, heart rate, lung and fluid retention issues.  He is still breathing with the aid of a ventilator, which is a big hurdle at this point.
I got back last night late after having spent Sunday – Thursday down with Grandma, and my uncle who is visiting from Germany.  It was a blessing being there with Grandma, and even though I didn’t go to see Grandpa during every visitation opportunity, I was at the house, cleaning, cooking and answering the ever ringing phone.  For me, these days that I’ve been able to minister to my grandparents will be a high-light in later years as I look back on moments that shaped my life.
I want to personally thank each and every individual, church and family that is and continues to lift Grandpa before the Father.  For the cards, calls and money, thank you!  For the kind words of encouragement and love, thank you!  For the hugs and meaningful looks that mean more than any money, thank you!
Thank you for the prayers, and please continue to pray for Grandpa, Grandma and the entire medical staff at Baylor – Carrollton, and for the children and grandchildren who care so much for Grandpa and want him well again.

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