Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Family Trip - Part 4: Visit with Cousins

After we had walked around in the gardens at the Creation Museum we headed towards Albany, Ohio to stay with some of Mom's family (Mom's cousin Mellie and her husband Rich, and their three daughters). Below are some photos:

Cousin Emily (almost 10) and her sisters, Marissa (almost 12) and Audrey (7 1/2)

This is a better photo of the girls :)

The girls with Abby (isn't this such a sweet photo?!) 

Here I am with my sweet (second) cousins

Emmy plays the piano for us... I really love her rendition of "Softly and Tenderly" :) She played for our "church service" that day.

Rissa french-braids my hair on Sunday morning (July 25th) 

Here we all are (actually not all of us-- Uncle Chuck, Aunt Deb and cousin Chris came in a little later)-- about to have our church service

Yours-truly and miss Audrey 

Phoebe takes her turn in the hilarious game "I've never done that"

Who are these two scary folks? Hmm... look at the next photo...

...Oh, it's Rissa and Phoebe of course... now what's wrong with this photo?  

Cousin Christopher... Jaden really enjoyed playing with him :)

This was later on Sunday afternoon... yes, Abby is not to old to still dress up! Actually, she was the least dressed up of us four... Rissa said it looked like I was wearing a corset, but I wasn't-- the dress was that small-- or I was that big! *Laughs* I thought it would burst at the seams.

 Here we are with our silly "bodyguards" -- don't ask me what I was looking at... I probably was thinking Do I really have to wear this shawl in JULY?! :)

These were just fantastic (*giggles*) body-guards... I mean, they are shooting at us. Phoebe decided to join the jolly group

Here we are, going on a "walk"

Playing "Dutch Blitz"-- I was terribly slow in this game-- even though I had played a game quite similar to it before

Playing "Apples to Apples"

Playing "Pit" -- that was so much fun!! 

Blow... blow real hard, Ems! 

Aha, she's got Caleb back!

The egg-robbers-- not! Audrey and I were collecting eggs from their chicken coop

Rissa (ringlets and all) snaps a photo of me

 I snapped this photo of Rissa as she was pushing me on their tire-swing

Here I am, trying my hand at the bow and arrow

Phoebe takes a turn with the bow and arrow.

Ems.. classic stance of a professional archer

 Cousin Mellie converses with Mom and Dad

Em and Rissa in the chicken coop with the chicks

Marissa does chores 

Jaden shoots the bow and arrow -- he was better than me, I might add.

Abs -- doesn't she look mean?! Not really. ;)

Dad pretends to shoot! :)

Uh-oh. I see mischief! 


We even got this pretty medieval maiden to shoot arrows for a photo-shoot (pardon the pun) :) "Watch out bear, this girl is real accurate!"

Audrey and me, early Monday morning

We spent Saturday night, all day Sunday, Sunday night and Monday morning with our cousins.  On Monday morning we headed toward St. Louis, Missouri.  More about that in a later post. 

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