Sunday, July 11, 2010


Caleb (2004 or 2005)

Eighteen years ago today, a Kautt child was brought into this world by the grace of God. Momma was telling me (just yesterday) how the day before Caleb was born, the midwife thought she found placenta previa. He was already two weeks late, and there was the danger of hemorrhage and possible death. A sonogram just a few hours before his birth revealed this was a false alarm.  Today as we celebrate our brother Caleb's eighteenth Birthday, we are very grateful to God that his birth came through safely. Some things I admire in Caleb are:

He is.....



...Light-hearted (in a good sort of way-- he loves to laugh)

...Earnest in his walk as a Christian

...Builder of friendships

We love you, Caleb Nathaniel, and we pray that God will bless you with many more years of life!!!

Happy eighteenth!!!

~Johanna (for the rest of us)

P.S. Below are some photos of Caleb during the past eight years. Enjoy!

Caleb riding a horse (2006)

Caleb practices the guitar (2009)Caleb talks with Taylor Speed and some of the Wahlquist young men (2009)
Caleb N. Kautt (photo by Benjamin Wahlquist) - 2009
Caleb (photo by Benjamin Wahlquist) - 2009
Caleb on Memorial day 2010 (notice the corn-cob mustache!! =D)
Caleb hunts for fossils with Nehemiah Wall ( fall 2007)

Caleb Nathaniel (Independence Day 2009)

Caleb on his 10th Birthday (2002) Wasn't he a handsome young man? =)

Caleb practices piano for church (2009)
Caleb in San Antonio (2005 or 2006)
Caleb holds little Leighann Grace T. (2009)

Caleb and cousin Taylor play street hockey (2005?)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the very thoughtful post, Johanna!

Love from your big brother,
Caleb Nathaniel