Friday, May 21, 2010


Phoebe posted some photos of our stuccoing experience. I want to add some photos of it that the Wahlquists sent us from May 15. Sorry that this is in reverse order.

The second game of volleyball (photo courtesy of Deborah Wahlquist)

Phoebe, Beth, Benjamin, Andrew and Nathaniel (photo courtesy of Elisha Wahlquist)

L-R: Debs, yours-truly, Stephen, and Phoebe in the "field" of wild flowers (photo courtesy of Elisha Wahlquist)

Andrew, Caleb and Nathaniel rolling in the wheelbarrow (photo courtesy of Elisha Wahlquist)

Yours-truly, doing stucco below the scaffolding (photo courtesy of Elisha Wahlquist)

I was sitting under the scaffolding (that Nathaniel, Andrew and Benjamin were on). Well, after about 45 minutes of the "guys above" dropping stucco on "those below" (in other words: ME!), I ended up with "gray-stucco hair". So I said (jokingly of course), "Those Wahlquist boys are so stressful-- I got gray hair because of them!" *Grins* Many jokes were pulled because of my "gray hair"--- but I didn't mind--- I'm used to being teased by my own brothers! *Wink*

Anyway, it was very fun to do team work with Phoebe, Elisha, Beth, Benjamin, Deborah and Stephen! :-)


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