Saturday, May 29, 2010

Answers to our Guessing Game!

Well, we gave all of you a few days to guess on our guessing game, over at our 500th post. None of the ones who guessed got all of them correct, although Allison was very close.

Here are the answers (yes, we're giving away our middle names!!)

  • Julia Anna
  • David Paul
  • Joel Gregory
  • Abigail (Abby) Charisse
  • Caleb Nathaniel
  • Phoebe Ann
  • Johanna Ruth
  • Jaden Jacob
Thanks for guessing, and if you enjoy our blog, let us know by way of comment! We always LOVE hearing from our readers. =)


Allison said...

Aww! I guess I got Jaden's and Mr. Kautt's middle names switched. I didn't know either of them, I was guessing. Thanks, that was fun!


The Kautts said...


Yep. You were right on all of them except Jaden's and Dad's. Thanks for participating!

~ Phoebe