Thursday, April 22, 2010

All the Women of the Bible

Today I was studying 5 women from the Bible. I used the book All the Women of the Bible to find out information about these women. I read about: Lot's wife, Jochebed, Abigail, Jezebel and Phebe (or Phoebe).

When I was reading about Lot's wife, I ran across these interesting words:

"She [Lot's wife] still stands as a permanent symbol of the woman who looks back and refuses to move forward, the woman who, faced toward salvation, still turns to look longingly on material things she has left behind."

After I read that sentence I thought, "Would I have been like Lot's wife and looked back". I hope I wouldn't have. But, is that how I am today? The Lord supplies salvation, but I'd rather have the material things over the immeasurable gift of God? May we, whether we are men or women, never choose material things over God's gift of salvation.

Also, when I was reading about Jezebel, I found this interesting:

"Jezebel's name even appears in the dictionary as a term of reproach. Certainly no woman's name in history has become so commonly accepted as a synonym for wickedness."
Jezebel is remembered as an outstanding example of what every women ought not to be. Instead, we women should strive to be like Jochebed, Abigail and Phebe. Holy, committed, humble, faith-filled, courageous, wise, gracious, nobble, pure and gentle.

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