Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jobs of a Godly Wife/Mother

I had as an assignment for High School (I'm using Far Above Rubies) to make a collection of photos that show the different tasks of a full time homemaker. I thought I'd share it with you. As you know, these are not even all of the tasks a full time homemaker has, but just a tiny fraction of them! Thank you to Johanna for being my model for the pictures.

Along with that assignment, I was supposed to see how much a homemaker's yearly salary would be if she was paid for each task she did. My very ruff estimate was: $360,984. She would be a millionaire in 10 years! :) Of course, she isn't paid for any of the work she does.

Also, I found out that the average salary for women in the US today is: $32,500~.

The point of my little assignment was to see if being a full time homemaker is more productive than working a 'normal job' (as most women do now-a-days). What do you think?

I also found (as I had noticed before) that you can be a nurse, chef, maid, teacher, seamstress, manager, dietitian, counselor, referee, law enforcer, judge and entertainer just by being a mother/wife! Is that boring, or what?!


Abby said...

That's cool! I like it! Isn't the job of a homemaker very diverse?
Love in Christ,
Abby Y.
(By the way, we have the same broom as y'all!)

The Kautts said...

I agree, it is indeed very diverse!



Anonymous said...

Wonderful post!
I agree, being a homemaker requires so many more skills than working in public in one, or even two, careers. why would any one want to spend 4-8 years of their youth preparing to work in one career for the rest of their lives, when they could spend that time learning 10-15 or more different things which will all prepare them to be a wife and mother besides still being able to produce, serve, and work in other areas!

I am only a homemaker in training and I am finding all of my time more than filled up learning many different subjects; all of which can still be used even if I don't get married! :)

The Kautts said...


Thank you for the nice comment!

Yes, many women (and men, for that matter) spend 4-8 years in college, and then many times they don't even go into a career related to their degree. It doesn't make sense to me.