Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday, Jaden!

Today is Jaden's 7th birthday! Wow, how time flies! It seems like just yesterday Jaden was born. Happy birthday, Jaden! We hope that you have a good day, and that you get over your coughs and sniffles. :) We love you!
Jaden was born on the evening of December 19th, 2002. He was a Christmas baby! We were all very excited about having a new brother, Jaden Jacob Kautt. He was a big boy, 9lbs. 9 oz. and 23 inches long! We thank God for our little (not so little!) brother Jaden.

Grandpa and Grandma Kautt with sleepy Jaden

This is such a lovely picture

I love this one too!

Such a Jaden pose :)

This pictures was taken right after he lost his third tooth!

Jaden loves to dress up as a cowboy. He especially enjoys having cammo "make-up" on his face to make a mustache. :)
We should have pictures up from his birthday celebration that we're having tonight. He's requested Hummingbird cake, root beer floats, and Italian Vegetable Casserole. Sounds yummy!


Abby said...

Thank you for posting all of these cute pictures of Jaden, Phoebe!

I will post a link over to here from my blog, it will save me some work. ;)

Love ya!

Ashley Sebo said...

Happy Birthday, Little Jaden!! Seven is pretty old! I have a little brother who will be turning seven next year. He too, loves to dress up as a cowboy and wear fake mustaches!! (In fact, all four of our little boys LOVE to play "Cowboys"! I think it's a little boy thing!

May the Lord bless and protect your little guy and may he grow up to be a man of God!

(My personal favorite photo is #3! Very adorable!!)

Thanks for posting Phoebe!! Have a wonderful day!

The Kautts said...

I think that playing cowboy is definitely a boy thing, too.

Thank you for your comment. In photo #3 he was pretending to put his hand in the "cookie jar".

Have a good day!