Friday, December 11, 2009

Global Warming??

Now, how often does North Texas get snow in early December? It's never happened in my lifetime (that I can remember). But, we got it some a few days ago. I must say that it wasn't very much, but you can see it on the ground. So much for Global Warming!

What about climate change??

The snow was quite wet. Yuck!

It did snow enough to cover the roof in white (yes, I know, the Christmas lights needed to be hung up properly!) :)

Have a nice weekend, and stay warm... you know this Global Warming is making it hard to keep warm!


Ana Marie said...

I've heard that "climate change" actually refers to changes in weather, particularly extremes, and not just that the earth is warming up. I think, that as Christians we do have a responsibility to care for the earth God placed us on, not out of a panicky "everything-depends-on-us" view, but a desire to please the Lord by respecting the work of His "hands" (reverently said, of course).

Fun pictures, by the way! We have not yet been blessed by a blanket of white up here. Hopefully soon!

The Kautts said...

Dear Ana Marie,

They have stopped saying "global warming", because it is not happening anymore. Now they say "climate change". I've heard that we are actually going into a cool spell.

I totally agree with what you said. God gave us this planet, and we need to take care of it. But we are not to be so concerned about the environment, or concerned that a baby whale might die, that we let baby humans, made in the image of God, die in the womb (abortion).

Thank you for your thoughts! We always enjoy 'hearing' from our readers.