Sunday, August 30, 2009

Reece the Electrician

Recently our cousin Reece came by to help us with some electrical problems / projects. Reece has been going to a trade school to become an electrician for over 4 years now. He is a "journeyman" electrician.

He helped us to install a 220 volt electrical plug for our arc-welder. And he did it in a little over an hour, start to finish (although he probably spent about half an hour at Home Depot!). Thankfully, the new welding setup is a lot more convenient to use than the old setup.
Me, Welding with the Old Set Up in November 2008

Also, we thought our Venta-hood over our stove had a bad socket for the light bulb. So we thought that we would have him take a look into fixing that too. When I came in from the garage to see if I could help him repair it, he had the light cover in the sink washing the grease off of it. I started to ask him if he needed help fixing the fixture, until I looked up at the Venta-hood, and the light was working! All Reece did was replace a light bulb, and it worked! We had tried this in the past, but it had not worked for us, so I guess it just needed an electrician's touch.

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Srl said...

What do you weld? One of my brothers used to do that here, I never tried it but it looked interesting.