Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Storm

The sub with half of the tree laid across the hood - the hood has been caved in temporarally but beyond that no further damage was sustained by any of our other vehicles or our house. God be praised!

The sky after the storm, very pretty.

Here are the smaller branches from the tree on the driveway. We have already chopped most of it back as of this morning.

The tree in the front, it will most likely have to come down completely. Which makes me sad in some ways and happy in others, it is an old tree.

Last evening we got word via our radio, that a large and powerful cell of thunderstorms was headed our way. Around 7 PM the tornado sirens sounded and the wind picked up. I was in the front room (blueroom/dining room) when I heard this snapping sound and looked up just in time to see two of our trees branches come crashing down. I then proceeded to tell those in the hallway (taking cover from the tornado) about what had happened. Caleb was in the garage and so I walked out there to let him know and as I was explaining the situation to him our neighbor's tree split in half - right before our eyes. It was a strange experience. :) Dad was in Frisco (about 20 minutes away to the West) visiting with a family from our church and while he was there the power went out! Thankfully despite the fact that there was a tornado near our house everyone is fine and no major damage occurred. We will be posting more photos of the damage at our house and here at the church.

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