Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Miraculous Healing ~

We are a part of a "health care program" called Christian Healthcare Ministries, which is a program where Christians help other Christians with their medical expenses. Anyway, in their latest issue of their monthly newsletter (June 2009) there was the following article:

Pastor Steven Pawley of Appleton, New York, knows that God still performs miracles. His six-year-old son, Aaron, is living proof.

On April 10, 2009, the young son of a visiting missionary picked up a chunk of wood from the Pawleys' wood stove and heaved it into the air. Aaron was walking by when the wood struck him in the face. A piece of wood measuring 1/4" x 1/2" became embedded in his eye socket.

Steven and his wife, Lorie, decided not to extract the wood or even rinse Aaron's eye since they couldn't determine how deeply the wood had penetrated. "We knew right away that it was very serious," Steven said. "We couldn't tell if the wood had punctured Aaron's eyeball."

The Pawleys helped calm Aaron. "Daddy, am I going to lose my eye?" Aaron asked. "All I could tell him was, 'I don't know, but it's the Lord's eye and He will do what He thinks is best,'" Steven recalled.

Paramedics arriving shortly thereafter agreed that the eye should not be touched. The paramedics transported Aaron and his family to receive specialized care at a children's hospital in Buffalo, about an hour away.

The next several hours were grueling. At the hospital, a nurse, resident doctor and primary emergency room doctor examined Aaron. All agreed that the best course of action was to call in an opthamologist.

"Throughout the ordeal we prayed together and an amazing peace came over all of us," Steven said. "The paramedics, nurses and doctors couldn't believe how calm Aaron was. They kept taking his vital signs to see it he was in shock, but he was fin. It was a great witness to the medical personnel."

The eye doctor, expecting to have to perform surgery, arrived after Aaron underwent a CAT scan. As she removed the bandage from Aaron's face, everyone saw that the piece of wood was lying on his cheek! A complete eye examination revealed that the eye had been completely restored without as much as a scratch.

"We immediately started praising God," Steven said. "We are grateful to the many people - including our church and the family of the missionary who had been visiting us - who were praying and interceding for us before God's throne."

This is a true story... and amazing! Isn't it so awesome how God works?! You can check out their website for more about their newsletter.

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