Thursday, April 2, 2009

Widow's Might to be shown in theaters starting April 13th!

Wow! The Lord has sure been working through John Moore's film The Widow's Might since its premier at the SACIFF in January.

From John's blog: "A lot of things have been progressing and happening over the course of the last few weeks, and the biggest and most sudden news is that The Widow's Might will be receiving a limited theatrical run starting on April 13'th.
This doesn't give much time to get the word out, but we hope you all will take this opportunity to spread the word. Also, April 1 is the last day to get the film on DVD, before the final cut with special features is released to DVD in July."

So, spread the word. Post the trailer on your blog or site, facebook it, twitter it, and send the word to people on your email list who would be interested! Let's fill up the theaters for Christ's honor and glory!

Steadfast in Christ,
Abby Kautt

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