Friday, March 20, 2009

Update ~

Here is the latest adventures our family has had (from Abby's blog):

Today was another beautiful, almost spring day here in N. Texas. The skies were blue and clear and the sun shone brightly (the high was over 80). It was the perfect day for an adventure, which is exactly what we did.
Joel has been wanting to purchase another vehicle for his own use for some time now, and would prefer a diesel one so that he can do the bio-diesel thing. There is a suburban that has been up on craigslist for several weeks now that has drawn his interest, and so today we drove the 5 hour round trip to see and test drive it. Since we were going to be in the general vicinity, we decided to swing by Dinosaur Valley State Park and see the dinosaur foot prints and human foot prints that are preserved in the Paluxy river that runs through Glen Rose.

Before we went to Dinosaur Valley State Park, we stopped off at the Creation Evidence museum. Dr. Carl Baugh has a small creation apologetics / research ministry down there and the museum was quite packed, which was great! They have a whole display of old scrolls that contain the whole Old Testament. Some of them were as old as 700 years! They have quite a few fascinating fossils, pictures of nature and resources.

We swam in the cool waters and enjoyed a few minutes of gazing at the embedded relics of a by-gone age of creatures fierce in nature that once lived with man (not so long ago). The river has many slippery rocks, covered with moss and the gritty river floor made for an interesting bathing experience. Jaden found a stick (such a boy!) and clamoured over rocks and slipped in the shallow pools made from the naturally rocky ground. It was a wonderful break from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Then we drove another 30 minutes to Tolar, and the diesel suburban. It is dark blue and really quite nice for its age (1995). It rides very smoothly, the interior is solid and comfy and it runs well. We were quite impressed, and I think that we might just be making another trip down there a week from today.

You can be in prayer for our family, several of us are dealing with colds or allergies (not sure which), but we are coughing, sneezing, wheezing and sore throats. Jaden has a slight fever right now and is not feeling very well. I hate seeing my family ill. Heaven looks better all the time.

I hope that your Spring Break has been a blessed one! Have a great weekend and a beautiful Sunday!

Blogger's note: sorry for the lack of pictures, our Internet is still acting up!

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