Monday, February 2, 2009

Happenings lately ~ Part 1

Here are some pictures from lately:

On Thursday afternoon Abby, Caleb, Johanna, Jaden & I handed out approx. 100 flyers for our Answering Darwin Conference.

More walking!! :)

Who is this?! (smile) :)

What have we here? For the past several days (actually weeks) us kids have been preparing our backyard to plant a garden. Today (a perfect day to work outdoors, it was in the low 70's!) we ripped up 5 bushes that along the fence (see the picture above), so that we can have that much more dirt to plant fruit bearing plants.

Here is how big the pile of limbs from the 5 bushes was. I (Phoebe) was the one who chopped all of the limbs off, then Caleb & I dug up the roots (back braking work!).

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Abby said...

I wonder who that person is in the smile picture? Looks familiar! :)

Good blogging Pheebs!