Sunday, February 8, 2009

Guessing game - **with a PRIZE**

The guessing game has now ended. Congratulations to the winners: Aunt Jill, Stefon, Camille & Hannah! Thanks for all of the wonderful guesses!

For all the blog readers of Texas Skies, here is a little guessing game for you to enjoy. And...there is a *PRIZE*, so make sure to guess. Now...for some of you it might be very easy, for others it might not be so easy. To guess click on "comment" at the end of the post.

You have to figure out who this is in this pencil drawing by Mom:

- When guessing, you must state your choice of prize...if you are the winner.
- If you are the winner, then please send us your address by way of email.
- Once we have your address, we will send a high-quality photo copy of your prize out as soon as possible (by way of snail-mail).
The prize is your choice of one (1) of following pieces of art: (all of the pieces of art are done by Julia Kautt)

Colored Pencil:

Black eyed Susan

Three Sisters


Taken from a photo of me (Phoebe) when I was a toddler

Shepherds Staff

Black eyed Susan

African Violets

Purple Peppers

Pepper No. 2

Bookmarks (paper, laminated): green, purple and blue.


Jill said...

Hello, Kautts,

This picture is of Johanna. What is she doing driving so early?!?!?

Love, Aunt Jill

P.S. My price is that my dear sister Julie is creating such beautiful work.

Camille Rose said...

Hey! I guess that it's Johanna in the picture––it looks just like her! Tell Mrs. Kautt that the artwork is really lovely. I wish I could draw like that! I especially love the ones of Johanna and Phoebe––they both look so real and beautiful and child-like! Tell Jo happy birthday for me, and that I'm sending her a present, though it might arrive a bit late!

The Kautts said...

Hello Aunt Jill,

Thank you for guessing!!

You are correct. That picture was actually taken at a fire station museum down in Dallas. It was some kind of steering wheel off of a firetruck, not sure?? It sure is a cute picture.

We want to give a prize, so please make your choice.


The Kautts said...

Hello Camille,

Thanks for making your guess.

You are absolutely correct!! It does look so much like Johanna...very Johanna-ish. :)

I also happen to like the drawing of me. :) No...really, it such a real drawing, just like you said.

Since you also guessed correctly (along with Aunt Jill), please make your choice of the prize.

Johanna says, "Thank you!"

Thank you,

Jill said...

Hello again, Kautts,

Now voting:
Taylor votes Phoebe
Andre votes Abby
Stefon votes Johanna

Taylor's prize choice is "Purple Peppers"

Andre prize choice is Phoebe as toddler

Stefon's prize choice is book mark, blue spool of thread

Your Cousins

P.S. Aunt Jill meant to say "My prize" not price. So sorry.

Jill said...

Thanks bunches.

My prize choice would be "Three Sisters". Surprized?

That was fun.


The Kautts said...

Hello Taylor, Andre and Stefon,

Thanks for your guesses. Of course, now you now who was correct (Stefon).

We'll be sending out those prizes (Three Sisters, and Blue thread bookmark) in the next couple of days.

Thanks again for guessings!!


Hannah said...

I'm going to guess Johanna. I LOVE that pencil drawing of Phoebe! That would be my choice. :)

The Kautts said...

Hello Hannah,

Hmmm...seems like that guessing game was pretty easy!! :) Thanks for your guess.

Your guess was correct (as you can see).

Do you have our email address? We need your mail address to send you the prize.

Thanks again!
- Phoebe

Camille Rose said...


Well, if I could choose a prize, I'd love the baby drawing. I think it's so cute with the sippy cup and all!


The Kautts said...

I will certainly send that out to you in the next couple of days.

Thank you,

Hannah said...

Phoebe, I emailed Abi with my address.

The Kautts said...

Hello Hannah,

Thanks for the address. I found out after the fact, that we already had your address...oh well! :) I'm going to send the prize out on Monday.

Hello Camille,

I sent out your prize today. Let me know when you get it.