Sunday, January 25, 2009

Vistors...again! :-)

Friday afternoon, a little before lunch, the phone rang. Abby answered it. It was Nathaniel Wahlquist. He wanted to talk to Caleb. They talked for about two or three minutes and then Caleb got off. He said that Nathaniel said that they were going to come to our house. They had already fixed the mower!!! Boy, they're quick! I thought. We had thirty minutes to eat and clean-up. Didn't take long, though.

A few minutes, and I knew they were here, because of the sound of the truck. Caleb and Jaden went out and I followed. Mom followed me and I hurried to their truck to see if Mrs. was there. She was. She greeted me then walked over to Mom and they talked. Deborah (6), was in the back seat of the truck, so I talked to her. I asked her if they had any pets. She said she has a pet rabbit. They also have two goats. Deborah and I talked about homeschooling, animals, dresses, and where they and we are from (They're Swedish, German. We are German). I really enjoyed talking to Deborah!!! ;-)

Mom and Mrs. Wahlquist, talking. (Both of our families love to talk!)

Deborah...isn't she a cute, darling child?

Sorry we don't have more pictures! I guess I was caught-up in talking!!! :-)

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