Thursday, January 29, 2009

A visit to Ladonia

One week ago today, Joel, Abby & I went to visit Aunt Jill and her 3 sons who live with her: Taylor, Andre and Stefon. Here are some photos from our visit:

Taylor and Joel were standing in this stance, and I saw Andre walking towards us and thought, "Hey...that would be a really neat picture to take." It almost looks as if they are about to grab Andre.

The local kitten: Rockie

Abby & Rockie

I was trying to get pictures of Rockie, but he kept was really hard to get a good one.

Isn't he so cute?! (As you can tell, we kind of went camera-happy. BTW, we took a few other ones of Rockie, but I didn't want to board you with them!!) :)

On our way to the creek we "just had to" take a group picture (Abby is taking the photo).

About when it was getting dark, we decided to take a little "hike" and explore the creek that is on their property. (I don't know if you can tell, but we're standing right by the ledge of the creek.)

Standing by the bank of the creek (there's a drop off about 20-30 feet.) To the right of the place where this photo was taken, is a steep (probably 60-70 degree) incline, and the roots of the trees that line that edge are dangling everywhere. So...the adventurous 3: Abby, Stefon & I decided to "repel" along the side of the incline. We went over several yards (don't know exactly, but it was pretty far) and then decided to come back. Unfortunately, it was too dark to get any good pictures of that. (FYI: if don't want to get your shoes REALLY muddy, I don't advise that you do that!!)

After the "hike" and the exploring, we went back to their house and viewed some photos which they wanted to show us. Then we ate a delicious supper, which consisted of: corn, black beans, homemade biscuits (thanks Stefon, they were really good!), peas & carrots, rice and... delicious homemade butter. Believe me, if you've never had homemade butter, it is a WHOLE LOT better tasting than store bought! Anyway, I'd better stop this rambling soon. But, one more thing...

After we ate dinner we went outside and for about 20 minutes, just looked at the stars! Wow! We turned all of our flashlights off, all the porch lights, every light, and just gazed at the stars. In the country the stars are a whole lot brighter than in the city!! I just love gazing at God's beautiful creation: the stars. Joel tried to take a timed exposure, but unfortunately it didn't turn out too good.