Saturday, December 20, 2008

A project ~

A couple of weeks ago Dad & Caleb moved the washer & dryer from our laundry room (which is very close to where we eat meals) to the Garage. I must say, it is a LOT quieter, and that's especially nice during meal times when we need to run the washer & dryer. Anyway, the wall behind the washer & dryer had started to mold, so they had to cut that section out, and put in new sheet-rock. And...this was during a cold spell! Oh well, we survived & they did a good job! Thank you, Dad & Caleb!

Caleb is cutting out the old-moldy sheet rock.
Dad working on the outside (in the Garage)
Now there's a BIG whole in our wall! And...
...there's Jaden! As you can see, the whole was big enough for Jaden (who's almost 4 feet tall!) to walk through.
Now we have a table in the space where Caleb was in the pictures above, and the wall has no more mold in it. It also gives us more room for storing other items that had previously been stored in the Living Room (which that makes the Living Room look more tidy).
Thank you so much, Caleb & Dad, for the hard work!!


Jill said...


All those details. You forgot to tell us where you now have the washer and dryer. Or is that top secret?

Nosey Aunt Jill

The Kautts said...

Hey Aunt Jill!

Thanks for commenting! We love comments, just for your information. :)

We put the washer & dryer in our garage, at the back. So it's close, but not close enough to be too noisy during meal times, and such.

- Phoebe