Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Here, finally, are some pictures from lately, we took with Joel's new camera.

On Sunday we spent about an hour getting our family picture...our first in two years! So, here are some of them:
(L to R, back row): Caleb, Abby, Phoebe & Joel (L to R, on couch): Jaden, Dad, Mom & Johanna
And...the gang: Joel, Abby, Caleb, Phoebe, Johanna & Jaden

On Monday, Caleb & Joel bought themselves a new... welder!! So...yesterday he made (most of the way) a luggage rack that can be attached to the trailer hitch. He finished it this morning. It looks super, and more importantly, we think it will work!! are some pictures from him welding last night: (note: I had a mask on when I was taking these pictures, just for anyone who was wondering!)
Caleb the welder

The finished product! We'll be putting our topper on here, makes for less drag & wind resistance.
God's magnificent Creation, the awesome wonders of the skies & clouds:

A few days ago I walked out into our backyard, and gazed into the sky and saw this! Wow! Amazing!

Here, finally, is a picture of the greenhouse we built a few weeks ago: (yes, our backyard needs some work! That day we were cleaning up the leaves that seem to be abundant)
Jaden loves to be read to. Right now we're reading to him the Farm Mystery Series, by Mr. & Mrs. Stephen B. Castleberry, and we're in book 4: "Who, Me?". He is really enjoying them!
Joel reading to Jaden "Who, Me?"
Well...we leave tomorrow morning for Tulsa, Oklahoma, to attend the National Missionary Convention. Our Uncle Jimmy (Dad's brother) is coming over from Germany (his flight gets in tonight), and we're sharing one booth, with him having one table, and us having one table. Be looking on CET's website for updates while we're at the Convention. Here is what our booth should look like: (come & visit our booth, # 1227, we'd love to see you!)

Our booth, complete with translated items & many other things

And...finally here are some pictures of the Biblical Apologetics Library at the church that dad is pastor at:


Our Family said...

That front that moved through your area was awesome! Crystal posted a bunch of pictures,including one almost exactly like yours on one of her blogs -

We have some square foot gardening beds too, but I think all my dirt is bad. :( I prefer my "real" garden. I think next year, I'll put some of my real garden dirt in the square foot beds and see what happens. I LOVE the green house! We need to build one of those!


Mrs. C.

Our Family said...

I forgot to say thanks for posting some family pictures!

Mrs. C.

The Kautts said...

Hello Mrs. C,

The funny thing about those pictures that Phoebe took is that our cousin who lives about 1 hour N. of us also took very similar pictures, the same afternoon! Yes, it was SO awesome! :) I found it quite interesting to see the exact (almost) photos on Crystal's blog when I visited it today!

The green house was quite an undertaking, and I am so thankful that it's now up (although we'll have to see how it stands up against these really strong winds we're having tonight.) It has helped our plants produce longer into the colder season, which is good for our larger family. ;)

We were all very happy to get our pictures made (at least most of us were!) They really turned out nicely I thought. We are planning on sending them out with our Christmas cards later on next month.