Sunday, November 2, 2008

Another riddle. Wait, did you say riddle?!...........

........Yes, I did say riddle. Here it is: What do grease monkeys eat? (this is an inside joke that we made up). Hannah C., You're terribly good at solving our riddles! :) Hopefully this one will stump you (just kidding). Answer as many comments you want! But, I really doubt you'll know the solution for this one (unless someone else thought this up) far as I know, we've NEVER told this joke to anyone, but the eight of us Kautts.

Enjoy this before someone else gobbles it up! ;)



Hannah said...

OK, I don't know the answer to this one! :D The only thing I can think of is grease :P

The Kautts said...

That's a great guess! This one you might not get, but here is the answer: Mechanic Bananas (instead of Organic Bananas). :)

Thanks for guessing!

- Phoebe

Hannah said...