Monday, September 8, 2008

So long~

Wow! So it seems like just yesterday that I got back from AR, but in reality it's been a week and a half already! Boy does time fly!

So, I would like to apologise for not keeping you all updated on the happenings around the Kautt Haus. I "hit the ground running" as it were as soon as I arrived back. I have written up some thoughts concerning our recent excursion, but unfortunately they are on Joel's pc, and I have been having a bit of a problem accessing them. I will try my best and have them posted this week! ;)

Besides that, here are some of the events of the past couple of weeks:
  • Labor Day - Hurricane Gustav slams into the Gulf Coast wrecking havoc
  • The Republican National Convention is "post-poned" due to the hurricane, Tue. is the "first" real night of events. We watched quite a lot of the goings on, and to be honest with you I was quite disgusted by the end of all of the McCain propaganda I heard and saw. I am not a fan of his!
  • Sarah Palin accepts the RNC's nomination to be the Vice President of the USA. Her speech was very interesting, and I was appreciative of her views. Still not voting for her though.
  • Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty holds a "counter" convention - The Rally for the Republic - in Minneapolis, drawing at least 13,000 supporters. Media coverage was very strong for this event, C-Span2 covered the entire venue on their network. I was so excited to hear about that!
  • Dad begins a series of sermons on the "7-C's of history" - about the importance of Apologetics at our church. We hold the grand opening of our Creation Library - a good turnout. People are beginning to see the connections. Beliving in a literal 6 day, 24-hour creation is the foundation to the rest of the Bible. Undermine it and you undermine the authority of the Word of God.
  • It continues to be hot in Texas. Though, right now it looks like rain, and earlier this evening it was sprinkling.
  • Ron Paul announces a very important announcement scheduled for this coming Wed. at the National Press Club in D.C.
  • Pray for the people of Cuba and Hati who have been hit hard by 4 major tropical storms in the last several weeks. At last count, over 300 had perished in Hati alone.
  • Hurrican Ike is set to hit the Gulf Coast this week. Texas and Louisiana brace against the approaching storm.
  • There are now less than 60 days until the general election here in the US. Pray for Righteousness to prevail. "Righteousness exalts a nation..."
  • We draw inspirition from The Hiding Place a film based on the life and testimony of Corrie ten Boom and her family - hider of Jews and outcasts in Nazi occupied Holland during the second world war. I highly recommend this film to you and your family. Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.
  • We begin preparations to represent our Uncle Jim & Aunt Naomi's ministry at this years National Missionary Convention in Tulsa, OK. This year's convention is November 20-23 at the Tulsa convention center. We attended the NMC in 2000.

Those are just some of the major events that have been happening lately. We need to constantly be lifting up our nation and her many needs to our loving heavenly Father. We need your mercy and guidance O Lord.


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