Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Arkansas trip #1

It was a hard goodbye to Joel, Mom, Abby, and Phoebe, when Dad, Dad’s Mom, Caleb, Jaden and I left to Arkansas. It was the first trip I had gone on without Mom, Abby and Phoebe. :-(

We left at 10:53 A.M. Monday August 11, 2008. I counted out-of-state license plates (this was in Texas: New York – Virginia. Arkansas: North Carolina - Mexico ). To say the least, it was fun. I saw vehicles from: New York, California, Tennessee, Minnesota, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Arizona, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Illinois, Florida, Missouri, Virginia, North Carolina, Louisiana, Ohio, Indiana, Ontario Canada, Nebraska, Texas (not ours’! :D), Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Dakota, New Mexico, Mexico. 27 out-of-state license plates on vehicles!!!

We ate lunch (Wendy’s food), in the car.

Later we arrived at Great-grandma McKnight’s house in Wiener, Arkansas. Picked up Great-grandma, her friend, and Grandma Kautt (Dad’s Mom) and went to Grandma Kautt’s brother, Paul McKnight’s house. We had dinner there. Here is all who were there: Great-grandma, one of Great-grandma’s friends, Grandma, Uncle Paul and Aunt Loretta, Cousin Peyton and cousin Terri Lynn Tyner, Gracie (18), Audrey (16?) and Chloe (8) Tyner, Cousin Barry and cousin Paula Riggs, Zachary (12?) and Madison (6) Riggs, Dad, Caleb, Jaden and I. Afterward, we took Great-grandma, Great-grandma’s friend and Grandma to Great-grandma’s house. Then, Dad, Caleb, Jaden and I went to the hotel at which we were to stay. We were all covered in mosquito bites, and Caleb made up a joke: “Three things the farmers in Arkansas grow are: Soybeans, Rice, and MOSQUITOES!”

I was almost frozen in the bed, ‘cause Caleb turned the AC WAY too low. There were only two thin blankets to lay under!!! I woke up several times, during the night, thinking: “Where’s Phoebe?” Phoebe and I sleep together at home.

The next morning, we had a breakfast (at the hotel) of: puffed millet (for cereal), soy milk, oranges, apples, grapes, and oats. Yummy!!! Phoebe called Dad and Dad told me, after Phoebe was done talking to Dad, that “Hymns for Kith and Kin” had arrived at our house. :-)

We then went to Great-grandma’s house and helped her clean up her house. Caleb cleaned the counters and cabinets with Grandma and I did the dishes, after eating a meal of: noodles, wild duck, corn, and I don’t remember what else.

After cleaning a bit more, we left with Great-grandma, Grandma, and Great-grandma’s friend to a restaurant called “ Western Sizzlin’ ”. Uncle Bobby Joe (Great-grandma’s brother) and Aunt Macine McKnight were there, and Uncle Paul and Aunt Loretta McKnight, Barry and Paula Riggs, Zachary and Madison Riggs, Peyton and Terri Lynn Tyner, Gracie, Audrey, and Chloe Tyner, Great-grandma, Great-grandma’s friend, Grandma, Dad, Caleb, Jaden and I. After eating, all of us (except Uncle Bobby Joe and Aunt Macine), went to Payton and Terri Lynn Tyner’s house. I held/carried Madison around a bunch. She’s my buddy! :-) After that, we took Great-grandma, Great-grandma’s friend, and Grandma to Great-grandma’s house. Then, we went to the hotel and slept.

On the 13, we ate the same breakfast and Phoebe called. I talked to her for about 10 or 15 minutes. She said that the night before, Joel, Abby, and herself had apple crisp, ice cream, and fruit salad! :-) Also, she and Abby watched “Gods and Generals”.
For lunch we all went to ‘Ryan’s Steak House’. Some of Grandma’s high school friends were there. So, basically, it was Grandma’s high school reunion! At this restaurant, on one of the doors, there was a sign that said: “Stop! Alarm will go off if you open this door.” Then in Spanish, for ‘stop’ it said: “!Alto!” So, I learned a Spanish word that day. I was thinking, later on, that if we passed some Mexicans, and we were talking about singing Alto, they might think we were saying, “Stop”, in Spanish! ;-) Then we went to see our Great-great Aunt Dorthy (Great-grandma and Uncle Bobby Joe’s sister). We stated for about an hour, talking, looking at pictures, and Caleb, Jaden and I walked through the gardens. She lives in a assisted living type place, but it’s still beautiful.

Later, on our way to Uncle Paul’s (so we could follow him to Barry and Paula Riggs’ house), we were right next to a black mini-van (on the high way). I happened to look over, and there was a man, in plain clothing (overalls), beard, hat. I wondered if he was Mennonite. Sure enough, when I looked over at the woman next to him, she had on a head-covering, like the Mennonite women wear, and plain clothing. When they passed us, I could see quite a few children in the back. It was a quick glance, but it was a rare one! :-) They passed us and an eight-teen wheeler, and soon were out of sight, but I won’t forget that sight!

We passed a antique mall and Great-grandma said: “There’s an antique mall! I’m an antique, too!” She always is trying to make us laugh……that’s why she’s lived so long, she’s 93!
Barry and Paula Riggs live out in the country. We all had fun there. Caleb and I went paddle boating, which I love to go paddle boating! :-) We also jumped on the trampoline, played in the basement (ping-pong, air hockey). Madison was not there, because she went with here Dad’s brother’s family to the lake. :-(

Found out Gracie Tyner likes the name “Phoebe Lynn”. :-)

On the 14, we were finally going home. I kept seeing cars from Missouri :-) and Tennessee :-) (Smiles for both states is because: I have a pen pal who lives in Missouri, Rebecca Serven, and another pen pal and friend who lives in Tennessee, Camille Wolaver).

I hope you enjoy reading this ‘journal’ of our trip to Arkansas!


Johanna ‘Jo’


Anonymous said...

Johanna, I enjoyed reading your journal about your trip.

The Kautts said...

Hello Mr. "A"nonymous ;)

Abby made that up. I'm glad you enjoyed reading the journal, like we enjoyed the trip!

I hope you and your family have been doing well, and it was good to hear from you when you called Sunday! I had been thinking about you that morning, when we saw a truck like yours! :)


Johanna Kautt