Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fall Cleaning Adventures~

Grandma & Phoebe discuss what stuff to throw out. We spent several Thursdays (Joel's day off) down at Grandpa & Grandma's helping them get things cleaned up & organized. The garage was our main point of "battle" and we worked hard to get things in order.
Caleb & Jaden fixed Grandma's tri-bic-ole. Now it is up and running! Grandpa took it for a spin after Caleb had finished. Works just fine now!
Last Thursday Joel, Jaden, Johanna & I went once again to Dallas to see if we could "finish up" our cleaning up work in the garage.
It was hot, around 106 degrees and we were all sweating by mid-afternoon. Grandma suggested we take a break, and head up to Sonic's for a slushy (icy-fruit drink). We had fun sitting under the canopy talking and laughing. The drinks were SO cold and SO sweet, that we had to drink them s-l-o-w-l-y. :)
I am very happy to report, that thanks to Grandma, Jason (our cousin), Joel, Jo, Phoebe, Caleb & Abby the garage is looking simply very nice! I was actually looking out the back windows and could see from the floor all the way to the ceiling! For years that garage has been so packed, that you could barely walk through at times.
Grandpa & Grandma, we were so happy to serve you in this way and we had fun in the process! We love you both!
~Abby for the rest of the Krew :)


Camille said...

Goodness–-we need to have ya'll come do our garage! It needs some serious work!

David Kautt said...

Camille dear,
First off, great to 'hear' from you!

Ours will be next I'm afraid! :)

It seems like allot of people pile stuff in their garages, like it's an 'out of sight out of mind' kind of thing. I would love to come help if I could. :)


Anonymous said...


Don't forget, Jaden helped clean out the garage too! He was our "little delivery man," taking things from the garage out to the driveway to be sorted.

Great work on this post by the way. :)

I love you Sister/sister,
C. Nathan K.

The Kautts said...

Yeah, I forgot to mention budd-ro didn't I! Shame on me. :)