Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Air Conditioning Adventures~

Caleb & Dad accomplished the task in a little over 2 hours. Everything is up and running like normal.

Inside of the cavity beneath our A/C furnace.

Caleb & Abby confer about what tools will needed to repair the leak.
Here's the story: On Saturday August 2, I was walking through the hall towards Mom's room. I was barefoot, and I noticed a "wet spot" on the carpet near the intake vent of our A/C. "Oh great!" I thought, "we have plumbing problems, again!" Two and a half years ago, we had major plumbing problems, the front yard was completely torn up, a whole new line of pipe had to be laid down, two new clean-outs, and lots of frustrated Kautts trying to figure the "easiest" way to fix the mess left behind by the plumbing company!
Now you see my exasperation! I called Phoebe into the hallway to "take a look" at something mysterious. We opened the door (see above photo, where Caleb's legs are sticking out) and removed the smaller vent and sure enough... there was standing water right before our eyes! Err!! "Didn't we pay LOTS of $$ to get this problem fixed?!" I asked a bewildered Phoebe as we sat staring at the light reflecting on the standing water. "Oh boy, we'd better not tell Dad tonight, because it's Saturday and he has to finish studying for his sermon." Well, long story short, Dad did find out and on Monday night August 4, he and Caleb embarked on a task neither were very familiar with.
They made a couple of "late night" trips over to Lowe's and purchased the necessary tools and pipes they required. The "bad" thing about this whole scenario was that the A/C was broken during some of the hottest weather we've had all summer! Thankfully, Dad & Caleb were able to accomplish this task and the A/C is working just fine! Praise the Lord! Thanks Dad & Caleb, we all appreciate it SO much!


Lily and Daisy said...

Funny…we had the exact same problem with our AC a while back, and I discovered it in the exact same way as Abby! Thankfully it's fixed! It would be horrid to have no A/C in this weather. What on earth did the pioneers do?

The Kautts said...

I have asked the exact question many times. We are such a spoiled society! :) I'm dying if the temperature gets above 90!