Friday, August 1, 2008

27 years~

Dad & Mom celebrate their 27th Wedding Anniversary today!!!!

Here they are in wedding attire cutting the lovely bride's cake. They were wed on Saturday, August 1, 1981 in Richardson, Texas. They have since served at 3 different churches. Two in Texas and one in Oklahoma.

This picture was taken by Mom's Dad, Ron shortly after they were married. Don't they look smashing!?

Dad & Mom (expecting Phoebe) after Dad received his Master's degree in Dallas.

Through the years of married life, they have added to their family. Joel is the eldest of their offspring, he just celebrated his 22nd birthday. Abby followed a couple of years later, I'm now 18. Caleb was born two years later and he's now 16.

Dad & Mom with Joel, Abby, Caleb & Phoebe. This was before the time of Johanna & Jaden.

Here we all are in our front yard getting a family picture taken. Jaden is about 2 years old in this one. You can tell that the 4 younger ones have done allot of growing. Caleb is as tall as Dad, Phoebe & Jo are both taller than me now. And, Jaden is not a baby anymore.

This is from a series of pictures we had taken on Thanksgiving day 2006 in downtown McKinney.

The years have been long, and sometimes hard. But, I am so thankful that God has proved faithful through them all. Dad & Mom, you are a testimony to your 6 children of what a God honoring marriage is! Thank you for standing together through thick and thin, through illness and health, for better or worse, for rich or for poor! You are such a great example of faithfulness to each other that is rare now days in a world of divorce.

I love you both dearly!




Anonymous said...

Dear Abby, dear Kautts,

You did a wonderful job on the tribute for your parents` 27th anniversary! Thanks for sharing them with us on the blog and reminding us of their wedding. It was a wonderful day, a beautiful ceremony, delicious (and healthy!) wedding cake, great wedding photos by a professional photographer in the family (Uncle Lou), and a great family gathering for us all. The music at the ceremony was also great and, last, but not least, the couple was beautiful! I`m the couple remembers the great sendoff we gave them as they were leaving the church with the "rigged" ignition to their car and they probably also remember how the pantry in their apartment kitchen was terrorized with the mislabeled cans, etc. But, it was all done in great fun and I don`t think it "harmed" them permanently! We all had such a great time and we've had lots of great times together as a family over the 27 years.

May God continue to bless you all!

Love from Germany,

Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Naomi

The Kautts said...

Dear Uncle Jimmy & Aunt Naomi,

Thanks for sharing your memories of that special day with us! I wish I'd had more time to scan & post more pictures from their wedding album.

I hope that you are both doing better, we love & miss you two!

Abby for the rest of the Klan :)