Monday, June 16, 2008

Summer: What to do Part I

Well, for many of us, Summer has begun. School's out, and so the big questions are "What can I do this summer that will be fun, and will keep me / my kids occupied?"

Here are some different and varied activities you might consider:

  • Local libraries usually have a summer reading program, this would be great for all children of reading age! Even if you decide not to participate in a reading program, you can still visit the library. Our local library has a wonderful kids section... and its air conditioned!

  • Visit local museums. So many times we overlook our local museums and attractions that are nearby, and with gas prices through the roof, you will probably be surprised how many neat museums are close. Go spend an afternoon, pack a lunch and enjoy seeing something right in your own city that you may have overlooked before.

  • Parks are so fun for little children. Thankfully, we live near 2. I find that the best time, and the coolest temperature wise to go is in the late afternoon or early evening (4pm onward). There will be more people, but its allot cooler once the sun's gone down.

  • Picnics are great fun! Pack sandwich's and chips, or fruits and veggies. We have even had a picnic in our front yard! The neighbors may look at you, but we still had a great time! If you have a nice patio in your back yard, spread a blanket and have fun!

  • Books. Reading is a favorite at the Kautt house. We love books. All of our bookshelves are bursting. I will be posting a "summer reading list" in another post, so be on the look-out for that.

For those of you who plan on traveling this summer:

General admissions is:
Adult (13-59 yrs): $19.95
Senior (60 yrs & up): $14.95
Children (5-12 yrs): $9.95
Children (under 5 yrs): Free
Planetarium with admission: $7
Petting Zoo: $2.00 (children under 2 are free)

Two-day Pass (available for purchase Sunday–Thursday):
Adult: $29.95
Senior: $22.95
Children: $14.95
(Prices do not include tax.)

More to come.

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