Friday, June 27, 2008

Answer to Guessing game

Sorry, but I don't remember when I said I would put the answer for the guessing game. The guessing about how many green beans were picked (the first day, we've picked many more since then), how long the longest was, and who picked the longest.

I think I'm a little late on posting the answers...

...So here it goes:

Scroll down...

Scroll down...

Scroll down...

Really here it is:

Q #1: How many green beans were picked? A #1: a whopping total of 39!
Q #2: How long was the longest? A #2: (drum roll, please!) 6 inches long!
And Q #3: Who picked the longest? just happened to be...yours truly! (sorry Jaden, purely chance!) :)

Well, I'd better get to bed.


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