Thursday, April 3, 2008


Wow! April 3rd already! The month of March sped by so swiftly. It came in like a lamb and went out like a lion. Tornado warnings on the 30th added some excitement to an otherwise normal day. Balmy, humid, overcast weather has been the norm for the last week and a half.
On Monday we got the great privilege to speak with Mr. A as we like to call him. :) BTW, it was wonderful to get the chance, we hope to do it again real soon! ;)

Joel has been working like crazy. Looking for a new job seems to be a full time chore! He would really like to get something other than landscape. He's also doing lots of his own work, plus all that he can muster around here. He stays busy, and tired. Keep him in your prayers.

The rest of us (with the exception of Mum) stay busy 100% of the time. I run from one job to the next, with breaks scattered throughout the day. :) Dad of course has lots to do besides chores around the house. Church engagements and visitation of parishioners keep his schedule more than full. We live a pretty exciting life. Sometimes I wish it would slow up just a bit... sometimes. :)

Mom is doing ok. She's had some disappointing set backs the last 1-2 months. First she got a really nasty cold, that went to her lungs (she's still coughing some). Then some heart related flare-ups. Right now she's hopefully still sleeping. All in all her morale is pretty good. She has her good days and her bad. Just pray that she'll get her strength back, and won't get depressed because of her continued weak condition at this time. Today, hopefully she'll be sitting outside (the first time since March 1st!) and getting some of this beautiful spring air.

As I was out reading my favorite blogs something I do on occasion ;) I noted a very exciting entry on Ken Ham's blog. Joel was enrolled in Answers in Genesis' on-line Apologetics program, graduating from that in May of 2007. He really enjoyed the interaction with other like-minded students, and instructors. Plus, all of the heaps of information he learned. AiG offers not only courses in Biblical Apologetics, but also: Biology, Geology, and Astronomy (there may be others, I'm not sure). This program is open to any one interested in learning how to defend the Faith. I hope to take these courses once everything has settled down around here.

The interesting thing about this program is that right now it’s booked! You won't be finding an opening for a while. That is what is so exciting. Dr. Georgia Purdom, says that she's seeing more and more people enrolling who are not familiar with what Answers in Genesis is all about. That is such an answer to prayer. This message is vitally important and needs to go out to the entire world.

If you or your family or friends are interested in finding out more about Answers Education Online please go check it out, pass along the info, and you might find yourself delving into the meaty material they have to offer. I don't think you'll be disappointed with what they have to offer.

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