Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Blogging: The good, the bad… the creative
Abby Kautt
The idea of a ‘journal’ on the Internet is not exactly new. Actually, web-logs, or ‘blogs’ have been around for ten or more years. Recently however, they have become the popular thing-to-do.
Such sites as WordPress, Xanga and Google’s Blogger offer FREE blog hosting. Over the past 2-3 years the blog-o-sphere has literally exploded. A global phenomena it is. Connecting family and friends separated by thousands of miles. You no longer need to worry about long distance bills, letters the old-fashioned way, or even emails. Blogging is ‘the’ way to go now-a-days, when it comes to global communication.
I personally have read many different ‘types’ of blogs. Some good in quality (always in content), and some not so good. You can definitely tell how long the blogger has been blogging, by reading their blog.
Some of my favorite blogs focus solely on photography. Actually, I believe that to have a good blog, you must post at least one picture per week. There exist, what are called ‘photo-blogs’ dedicated exclusively for the author to present their skills. I have experienced some of the best photography on these sites.
For me, blogging is about connecting. Sharing my personal experience or insight with family and friends. I don’t so much put highly personal information on my blog as I do general. But I hope that by blogging in the way I do, I can communicate the intended…. What I want them to know about my day, week, et cetera. Most importantly though, my blogging is done to glorify my heavenly Master, Jesus and to be a bright witness for His dear sake.
With that in mind, I hope my blog is good, not bad and most certainly creative!
Abby is an aspiring author, blogger and eldest daughter. As such, she has many responsibilities at home. During her free time, she enjoys reading, playing outside with her younger siblings and enjoying the beauty of God’s creation and blogging about her life. She resides in beautiful North Texas, with her parents & 5 siblings.

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