Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Last evening it started snowing. At first it was a light, frothy snow, but it soon became heavy and lots of snow was falling. By 10:00 PM the ground was very much covered and when Phoebe and I went out to make a snow man, it was coming down very hard. This morning the whole world is white and bright! The snow is already melting because the sun is out and shining. We are so glad that it snowed like this, because we only get this "kind" of snow every blue moon as the saying goes. Sadly our digital camera is on the blizt right now, so no pictures, but this memory will always be with us in our minds.

Jaden was very excited to get to play in the snow. This is his first "real" snow fall and he loved it! So did everyone else that got to go out and have an early morning frolic. We received between 4-6'' of snow! It is great for snowballs, snowforts, and of course snowmen! Phoebe and I both made a snow man. Phoebe's feel down sometime during the night, but I think mine is still there... at least for now it is.

All of the trees in our neighborhood are heavily laden with snow and it looks so pretty. Also, all of the shrubs and small bushes are bent over with their white load. It certainly looks like a winter wonderland! Such strange weather for early March in North Texas. If it's going to snow here it usually does it in late January or early February. February was unseasonally warm this year! Sunday's high was in the upper 70s and then it started to cool off that evening.

I wonder how the weather is going to effect voter turn-out in today's Primary in the Lone Star state! It could be very interesting! I hope that you all are staying warm and cozy on this gorgeous day!


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