Thursday, February 21, 2008


Jaden looking at his feet!
Mom wanted me to post this 'Jaden Funny' here it is. Enjoy! Hope you get a good laugh out of it...I sure did!


"Fifteen year old Caleb has matured quite a bit the last two years, but sometimes he and Jaden are a goofy mix. One afternoon everyone but the three of us was gone. I was resting in my room and heard fussing in the kitchen. Then Caleb sort of yelled, trying not to laugh, "Jaden! Don’t add to the word of God!" Later I asked Caleb what happened. He said that to help calm things down Caleb was quoting 1 Corinthians 13 (the Love Chapter). Jaden interrupted with "Love is not kind." That’s when Caleb rebuked him. Then Jaden said, "But I love you and I’m not always kind to you." Oh, the logic of little ones! (Caleb tried to explain - "Yes, but you are not Love [meaning The Lord God].")

Not long after that incident, Caleb came to me and reported that Jaden had been eating bread and began laughing. He spewed bread crumbs on the kitchen floor. When Caleb required him to sweep it up, Jaden refused and Caleb was appealing to me to enforce Caleb’s request. I commanded Jaden to do it, and he obeyed. In fact, because he went "above and beyond" by helping Caleb sweep the whole kitchen / breakfast room, Caleb gave Jaden a quarter. He went to put the quarter in his wallet.

About that time I came into the breakfast room. While Caleb dished up my supper, Jaden appeared with his wallet. He handed Caleb a dollar bill. Caleb thought he was trading him for the quarter and told him to keep it. "No," Jaden insisted. "Put it in the land fund, so you can buy more land." He passed me, saying, "Acurn." Was he saying "acorn?" I thought, "You little hick." Just then Caleb quothe, "Acurn." "Aha," I said to myself, "they have a private joke."
Jaden went back to his room to return the wallet. Upon his return to the breakfast room, he mused quite sagely, "Mom, when I young and used to hear people say ‘acre’ I thought they were saying, ‘acorn.’ And I would say to myself, ‘Soooo, you are building your house on ten acorns. That’s a pretty small house!’ " :0)"

Have a great day!

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